$15 Bikini Comms open (0/4)

Additional Info:

Your commission can be either NSFW or SFW

I will only do full coloured plain background art, no sketches or full detailed backgrounds.

I will only accept paypal payments. Please DM me respectfully.

I require $7.50(half of $15) after i accept your commission, will send a sketch to see if you are happy with it. And then the other $7.50 when finished before i send and post the commission. This is the only way i will accept the payment.

Your commission will be completed, given to you and posted, the following weekend. If i am overloaded, i may move yours to the next. Okay? 🙂 and please note that i have a backlog of scheduled art, so please don't be offended by me 'posting' a month's old drawing when i should be working on your commission because in reality at that current time- i am 😛

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: I am *Australian*. When i am asleep, you are awake and vice versa. Please do not panic if i take a few hours to respond and please do not get impatient about the timezones -_-' because trust me, they piss me off just as much.


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