preview bundle

preview bundle
One of these characters will be next in the next comic, sorry if this took a while to post.

1: Gardevoir embarrassingly using the porta potty in front of her trainer at her request.

2: Hat Kid, being devious and showing herself during her potty break.

3: Princess Peach trying to pee and avoid sitting on a dirty seat only to be caught by a toilet perv.

4: Shantae trying to get relief privately in a tent, but had been in too much of a rush to close the flap, oblivious to the cameras on her now.

‘R-18’, ‘漫画’, ‘Potty’, ‘おもらし’, ‘スカトロ’, ‘toilet’, ‘Potty_training’, ‘Shantae’, ‘Hat_kid’, ‘ピーチ姫’